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"Field Of Blood"  by Eric Wilson

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New Look at a Classic genre
Posted June 10, 2009
By bluenichols,

When I heard Eric Wilson was writing a Christian Vampire trilogy I was very interested to see how he would pull off blending faith and vampires. You can tell he put a lot of research and time into this book and Man does it work. I was blown away with how he combined everything. This is really a story about all of us and how we are tempted by things around us. We can either fall prey to these things or prevail with the help of the Nazarenes blood.

The story follows Gina Lazarescu and her search to find out who she really is and the secrets of her past that seem to be hidden. Also their are the undead who were tainted with Judas' blood. Follow them both and see how their worlds collide.

Eric Wilson really pulled it off with book and Icant wait for the other books in the trilogy. I also liked how he brought in a character who was related to someone in another of his books. A great read for those looking for something different, lovers of vampire books, or just those trying to see how he pulled off combining faith and vampires.


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