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"How Sweet It Is"  by Alice J. Wisler

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Life Is Sweet
Posted December 05, 2010
By BlackLeopard,

Deena Livingston is a young woman who finds life to be somewhat sour to the taste, but thatís not how she feels about cake. No, in fact, she loves to cook sweets. Sheís doing what she loves most, working at an upscale restaurant in Atlanta. But her dreams are dashed when a car accident leaves scars on both her body and her heart. After suffering an accident and heartbreak both at the same time, Deena decides to leave it all behind in Atlanta.

Deena faces her fear of driving and heads off in her car to North Carolina so that she can start a new life. Sheís hoping that this change will be for the good. When she reaches North Carolina, she settles into an old cabin Ė a cabin that her grandfather left to her in his will. When she looks through the cabin, sheís struck by the fact that she didnít know her grandpa very well.

After settling in, Deena meets with her aunt in the cabin and they discuss her grandfatherís will. Her aunt explains to Deena all the fine details of the will, including the house and something elseÖ teaching children how to cook. Deena is surprised. No one ever mentioned a school. Why would her grandpa suggest this?

My Thoughts on How Sweet It Is:

How Sweet It Is by Alice J. Wisler is like a cake that has been cooked to perfection. Told in first person, the story flows smoothly as we follow Deena Ė the main character. I loved being placed in her shoes and watching as she learned from the struggles in her life. She seemed so real. I laughed, scolded, and was immeasurably proud of Deena when the book ended. So good! The pages are filled to the brim with delectable humor, charming characters, and tasty recipes.

Without a doubt, Alice is one of my favorite authors. Why? Iíve read both of her books and I gave them the highest ratings that I possibly could in a book review. Iím never disappointed with any of her work; her writing style is one of the finest out there. If you havenít read Rain Song, or How Sweet It Is, then I recommend that you do. You wonít regret it.

Look for Aliceís new book Hatteras Girl which releases in October of 2010. Rest assured this is one book that Iím not going to miss!

Visit Alice J. Wisler's website:

~Grace Thorson


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