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"House"  by Frank Peretti

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Excellent Collaboration
Posted October 07, 2010
By fanforchrist2009,

House, a story from two heavily bestselling authors, stands as an excellent novel, depicting, of course, the battle between good and evil within a house. A couple is stranded driving down a backroads highway after their car breaks down unnaturally. Then they find a makeshift hotel, a sign detailing it as the "Wayside Inn". There they meet another couple and eventually the creepy inhabitants of the household. Soon after a strange dinner, a tin can is launched into the mysterious house by a man the ungracious hosts claim to be the "Tin Man", who they state is a known murderer who "only goes after the guilty." On the can is scrawled three house rules. Once they read them, the stakes become painfully clear.
I was completely enamored with this novel, like any other Dekker book, and I finished it in one night. Initially, I had seen the movie, a work which I did not like much, thus I was taking a chance reading the book itself. But I was imminently rewarded! House is an unforgettable novel of good and evil, a fantasy which displays in vivid color the relationship between the two.


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