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Turn My Life Up by Sho | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseTuesday.com
"Turn My Life Up"  by Sho Baraka

Rated 2.5 Stars

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Turn my life up | Posted June 17, 2011
 This is one of the few reach records projects that i don't care for. I just found this kind of annoying. It starts off with "Turn My Life Up". I actually thought this was an ok track,  which was followed by an interlude, which is then followed by "Music of Life". I did not care for this one at all. The little voice saying "This is the music of life" got very irritating. Up next is "Overrated", which wasn't too bad of a song. It was kind of catchy, but im still looking for a standout track. "Rebuild the city" was not that track. It features Cam, which, I usually enjoy the songs that feature him, this one did not bode well with me. His vocals just didn't flow well with the rest of the song.

  "Maranatha" is another ok song. It features fellow lablemate Tedashii, and also Json. This is actually the first time I had heard Json. It wasn't a good first impression. "Saint" and "Great Day 2 Die" are the next two in line. Here comes Cam again. His feature was good this time, and Dillon Chase also rapped a verse, and it was a tolerable song. The next song, "Great Day 2 Die" is by far the most irritating song on the album. Dillavou's whining high pitched shrieks are the most unenjoyable part of the cd. It just wasn''t my cup of tea. Finally! "Catch Me at the Brook" is a fantastic song, which features none other than Lecrae. It's talking about how we need more of God, and they share about their past lives. Higher Love is another good song. It gets kind of repetitve, but its tolerable.

  "Slow it Down" is a mediocre track. Nothing too special emerges at this point. "Oh My Lord" has a couple of guest vocalist. I don't think it's supposed to be taken this way or not, but the beggining is laughable. Whoever sings that part, just.... shouldn't have. "Love of my Life" and "100" are next. 100 is another just ok song. "God is like/Who is Like God". At first I didn't like it all, but it shockingly grew on me. I think it is now my favorite track. It has various features, and I like the mixture of raps. To end the album, there is "Rescue me/You are my everything" and "Be scientifc". Neither are impressive or worthy of praise.

  Although it was his freshman release, i was expecting much more. Especially on Reach Records. He has matured so much, and he has gotten so much better. He is a very witty lyricist and has a good sense of humor. I will give him that. It wasn't too impressive, but don't judge him by this album alone.


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