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Whispered And Shouted by Aaron | CD Reviews And Information |
"Whispered And Shouted"  by Aaron Shust

Rated 5 Stars

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Stepping Past Normal Praise & Worship | Posted July 30, 2011

Aaron Shust is more than your typical praise and worship artist. Over the years he has consistently delivered fresh music and lyrics. “Whispered and Shouted” is a solid album that any praise and worship collector should have.

“Whispered and Shouted” starts with “Long Live the King”. This song is an excellent song, solid guitar, solid vocals, and solid lyrics. “All I have is Yours (Long Live the King). Aware that we're unworthy of Your Grace” The next song “Like I Never Felt Before” sounds the country and rock mixed. These two put together you have another exceptional song from Aaron. “Create Again,” “Watch Over Me,” “Life Itself,” and “The Name of Jesus” are all slower songs but standout also. I don’t normally life slower songs but Aaron Shust has changed that he delivers softer melodies but even better songwriting. “Give Me Words to Speak” is the full-length version of the beginning track in “Anything Worth Saying” this is probably my favorite song of the entire album. The chorus says “Give me Words to speak, don't let my Spirit sleep. Cause I can't think of anything worth saying. But I know that I owe You my life.” I Will Wait” is something Aaron hasn’t done before. It is very catchy and you will have it stuck in your head in no time. The album ends on a worshipful note with “Worthy Let All I Do”. This is a nice closer for the album and it takes the album back to the worshipful mood. It is a solid track and perfect closer.

While the praise and worship is usually repetitious from artist to artist, Aaron delivers something divers and different. I you are looking for a praise and worship album you should check it out.

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