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Alive In You by 7eventh Time Down | CD Reviews And Information |
"Alive In You"  by 7eventh Time Down

Rated 4 Stars

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Rated 4 Stars | View All Reviews

7eventh Time Down: Anthems of Affirmation | Posted September 06, 2011 Staff Reviewer
In the middle of a flurry of other rock releases, another voice is emerging in Kentucky-based group 7eventh Time down, and they're bringing a flavor all their own to the table.
From the opening riffs of “I Need Someone,” the BEC band displays a sound that is reminiscent of labelmates Kutless, but with a decided Southern flair apparent in the gritty guitar tone. Lyrically, many of the early tracks are songs of affirmation of our need as humans and God's absolute ability to meet that need. The infectious “Alive In You” cries: “I am alive in You, You are the truth, You are the air that keeps me breathing.”
The album is in many ways an album of anthems, reaffirming who God is and how we act in response. Tracks like “What About Tonight” and “World Changer” push for action and passion in serving God. 
As the album progresses it gains more momentum and musical diversity. “Do You Believe” is a track about the absolute importance of believing the truth, backed by instrumentation that feels almost folk-influenced during the chorus, partly due to the strong use of acoustic guitar. “Jesus Machine” is a more light-hearted track reminiscent of rock anthems of a decade ago, such as Pillar's “Fireproof.” 
A slight thread of gritty Southern guitar weaves in and out through most of the album, asserting itself most strongly on “Love Parade,” which also showcases some unique lyrics and a live intro that aids in setting an energetic tone.
Another stand-out track comes with the final track, the heartfelt ballad “Rusty Nails.” The song is a worship track that acknowledges and honors Christ's death and sacrifice, praising Him in response. It is a good way to end the album, closing it on a softer note that sums up the themes well.
Closing Thoughts:
7eventh Time Down is a solid rock debut in the tradition of Kutless and Jeremy Camp. There is a diversity in some of the songwriting that suggests they are still finding their voice, but if that is the case then this album is definitely a step in the right direction. With its upbeat lyrics affirming truth and its infectious southern-styled guitar licks, this anthemic album is sure to keep audiences singing along.

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