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Building 429: Listen to the Sound
Posted September 14, 2011

I first listened to this album while I was playing basketball at the gym this week after I finished my AP World History exam. I had not really played in a long time because I was studying for the exam. Right after the exam I went to play and decided to listen to Listen to the Sound. The album was not only a great stress reliever, it also pumped me up while I was playing.

The album starts off with the song "Made For You," which is a really upbeat song. The song started off my workout pretty good and also made me excited about the rest of the album. Next after "Made For You" comes "right Beside You." This song has Dawn Michele from Fireflight in it; and she really added a new element to the song that could not really be achieved by a male vocalist. Personally I really like Fireflight, but when I first heard this song I did not know who the lady singing was until I did some research and fount out she was on it. Michele's vocals mixed with Jason Roy's vocals made the song really strong in my opinion.

The fourth song on the album is the title track "Listen to the Sound." The song is very strong and has very soft, mellow verses which are then followed by a pretty mellow sounding chorus. After "Listen to the Sound" comes "War Zone," which in my opinion is the best song on the album. "War Zone" is not as well known as "Listen to the Sound" or "Made For You," but I feel that it is a lot stronger than any of the other songs on the album. "War Zone" has true emotion in it. In the song Roy says, "My faith is worn and my hands are tired. My heart is torn between the truth and the liar. So, I run cause I'm done and I need You. You're the once that will come to my rescue." Roy seems to really pour his heart out in this song. When I listen to the song I picture him on the floor crying out to God and on his face before Him, asking why he has to struggle with sin. The song gives me such a wonderfully vivid image, for this reason I feel that the song is the best on the album. I could really relate to the song as well. Many times I find myself asking God why I struggle with temptations and why I am continually drawn back into sin. It truly is a war zone, but this song is a great reminder that God is there no matter what.

After "War Zone" Building 429 keeps with the emotion and mellowness; and the rest of the album is relatively calm and filled with emotion. Listen to the Sound really surprised me. I was not expecting such a great album. I had not really listened to Building 429 before, except for the occasional song on the radio. However, after listening to this album I cannot stop listening to it. It is continuously on my iPod now.

Favorite Song: War Zone

Favorite Lyrics: "Oh if you could only see His arms are wide open. Oh it's okay to be humbled and broken so let your heart be free, cause love has been spoken. Don't you know, don't you know love has been spoken." (From the song "Love Has Been Spoken")

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