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Siberia by LIGHTS | CD Reviews And Information |
"Siberia"  by LIGHTS

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The Beauty of Siberia | Posted October 04, 2011
Two years ago, Canadian pop songstress Lights released her debut album The Listening, which opened to critical acclaim and spawned five hit singles. The album also found its way to America’s indie musical movement and charted in the lower regions of the Billboard 200. With new musical and lyrical inspirations, Lights invites us to join her on her journey to Siberia.
    While The Listening was more of a soft electronic album with sparkling keyboards and intergalactic themes, Siberia shifts gears and experiments with the harder side of electronic music. Dabbling in the new musical fad of dubstep, songs such as “Everybody Breaks a Glass” and “Flux and Flow” offer up stuttering percussion beats laden with a heavy dose of bass. These two tracks also feature rapper Shad, who’s addition to the songs is a worthy one.
    Surging new wave tracks such as “Timing is Everything” and “Suspension” provide a more mainstream approach on music with catchy hooks and upbeat choruses. “Where the Fence is Low” and “Banner” are power ballads with a buzzing electronic undercurrent.
    If Lights’ musical mood could be summed up in word, it would probably be melancholy. “Heavy Rope“, “And Counting”, and “Cactus in the Valley” definitely reflect this idea with their soft backing track and introspective lyrics. However, the happy, carefree Lights that everyone has come to know and love is also represented here. “Toes” and “Peace Sign” are sunny pop tracks that could brighten the darkest of days.
    The album’s only flat moments are found in tracks twelve and fourteen. “Fourth Dimension” is a strange song that sounds almost as if Lights is attempting to rap the verses, while the chorus is completely bland and uninteresting. The album closer “Day One” is a monotonous nine minute long meandering of random sound effects that resemble dying animals. It’s actually quite unfortunate because there is a beautiful, soft synth undertone in the song that is almost entirely covered up.
    With only two misfires in the group, Siberia proves to be an exciting and delightful follow-up to The Listening. With her ever changing musical style, it will be interesting to see what Lights attempts on her third outing. But for now fans will have to settle in to the dazzling land of Siberia.

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