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Believer by Kutless | CD Reviews And Information |
"Believer"  by Kutless

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Tough Act to Follow | Posted February 28, 2012
This is about standing bold--If it Ends Today. This is about realzing that when we can't Carry On we lean on the strength of Jesus to do so. This is about realizing that nothing we have is ours, all we have is a gift from God; we bow and proclaim: It's All Yours, God. This about never wavering in your faith Even If time are hard or if God tosses you a curve ball. This is about not letting the world define us and not allowing them to tear us down because we could quite possibly be a Hero. This is about finding our Identity in Christ. This is about coming to terms with the fact that God is all that we Need. This about knowing the truth that regardless of how much we screw up we can still Come Back Home. This is Love shown in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who followed God's Will all the way to the cross. This is the truth that God's awesomness is like Gravity that continually pulls us to Him. This is about coming to terms with our doubts to boldy proclaim I'm With You! This is about being a Believer and believing that God is who He says He is and that He is always their for us in our trials; then taking this truth and sharing it with the hurting world. This is a testiment to faith in boldly asking Jesus to Carry [you] to the Cross, knowning that you are not alone in your trials. This is Kutless, and this album takes every one of their previous works, intertwines them, and creates a beautiful masterpiece of music. This album will be a tough act to follow as it is both vertical and horizontal (as in it touches the lives), and dynamic. Both rock and worship, and definitely worth five stars.

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