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"Sound Of The Broken"  by Jeremy Horn

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The Sound of Jeremy Horn
Posted March 10, 2012
By whitle09g,

Sound of The Broken opens the album well. This upbeat track is not very lyrically creative, though. Now Is The Time slow thgings down a little, but fares better than the previous song. Only God Who Saves was really good. It was lyrically creative when compared to some other artists. Sons And Daughters was the song I enjoyed better than the other first few songs. Its lyrics were really strong. Surrender is slightly slower. It was very nice because it was so true. But, it ended a little too abruptly. Emptied was a very worshipful song, but Jeremy Horn sounded a little pitchy at some parts. Where You Are was another worship song which excellently continued the worshipful mood that Surrender started. Faithful was yet another song about God's faithfulness, but Jeremy Horn pulled it off quite well. Father of Lights was a fun song that was very catchy. This Reflection was a pretty choppy transition from Father of Lights but ended the album nicely.

So in all, lyrically, this was an awesome album for the worship genre. But, musically, the album wasn't that great. But still, Jeremy Horn has a promising carrer ahead, so look out for him. This album is worth a listen, or a few listens.


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