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Posted March 28, 2012
By username2,

David Crowder Band's final album, Give Us Rest, is a fitting end to what can only be described as a groundbreaking career.  Everything you'd expect to hear from any of Crowder's albums can be found here as it really does express the ecclectic personality of the band as a whole.  You'll find straight worship songs, electronic songs, acoustic songs, bluegrass songs, the list goes on.  The way the album is presented is well done.  The first disc is about death and has a very somber tone to it.  This disc, to me, signifies the end of an era for the band.  The second disc is about life and looking towards the future.  It has a more fun and lighthearted tone while and is sort of like a final hurrah in that everyone involved will move on and do what they do in other capacities.  (David Crowder will still be making music in the future while the rest of the guys in the band are part of their church's worship band.)

Much like the series finale of a television program that has had a long run on the air, Give Us Rest perfectly signifies the David Crowder Band's styles and delivers a powerful and emotional farewell that will be felt by fans for years to come.   


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