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"Matins Vespers"  by Parachute Band

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Parachute Band Offers A Memorable Sonic Worship Experience
Posted April 03, 2012
By Show, Staff Reviewer

I wasn't familiar with Parachute Band prior to hearing this album and so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got with Matins: Vespers was surprisingly interesting. 
The almost intro-like opener of "Hope is a River" was a solid sonic offering that sounded quite lively and built up well to the solid and catchy "Keep the Fire Burning." "Promises" and "The City of the Lord" keep up some memorable upbeat choruses during the first half, while songs like "Run to You" slow things down a bit. The enjoyable pop sound permeating all of the tracks holds the listeners attention well. 
The lyrics put the band's faith on full display. While it's not anything particularly new, it's still an inspiring listen. Such an example is "Though the spark is burning dim though the night is closing in, the embers glowing still, through the dark horizon, I see the dawn arriving, I feel your presence still" from "Keep the Fire Burning."

"Till the end of time, he's our sword and shield" is proclaimed in "The City of the Lord." The band seems to know what they want to say and it comes across in their music.

The second half of the album is composed entirely of instrumental pieces. All of them have an enjoyable and relaxing beauty to them. None of them stand out in particular. However, they all still provide an uplifting and worshipful listening experience, despite the lack of words.  
Closing Thoughts:
This album proved to be an enjoyable and uplifting listen. The songs are heartfelt and earnest and the instrumentals are well crafted and musically engaging. It will likely please fans of worship.


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