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"Fighter"  by Manafest

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Posted April 06, 2012
By username2,

Manafest's last album, The Chase, was probably his best work yet.  It had a straight rock feel and stuck with it the whole way through.  Now about 2 years later Manafest has Fighter which maintains that rock sound from The Chase and, just like with that album, maintains it the whole way through.  The rock sound compliments the anthmatic lyrics about conquering your battles and standing up for what you believe in.  The theme is effective and relevant.  Manafest's vocals continue to impress me.  I feel like he could turn into the Canadian TobyMac as not only can he rap well, his singing voice is really good too.  Manafest sings more on this album as well which is fine but I would have preferred more rapping.

Fighter is another great album by Manafest that manages to rock your socks off and deliever an important message amongst the rock.  I still think The Chase is the better album but this one comes close.


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