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"The Greatest Hits"  by Newsboys

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the greatest hits....
Posted November 24, 2007
By newsgirl4life,

Many fans dislike greatest hits albums because all they want is to hear a new album by their favorite artists. I really appreciate greatest hits albums if they are well done and including some new or previously unreleased material and if they are released at a time when the band has recently released new material. The Newsboys latest year released a fabulous full lentgh album titled Go and just this past year released the fun quirky Go Remixed, they also are set to release a Go Live album finally capturing on cd their live concert. The Newsboys are my all time favorite band by far. They are known as one of the greatest pop/rock bands in Christian music. Their career spands a vast two decades. Their last greatest hits album was released about seven years ago. Since then the band has released about numerous albums. This is a great collection of songs. Its 18 tracks so its long enough to make it worth your money. There are two awesome brand new tracks. "Stay Strong" which is a beautiful song about being firm in our faith this song begins with a beautiful string arrangements and continues on with some lush aussie vocals. The second brand new song and first track on the album is called "I Fought The La" its already a concert favorite and is upbeat, super catchy, fun sing-along in typical newsboys style but still has an original beat. The greatest hits also includes the Veggie Tales favorite "In the Belly of the Whale" which many adult newsboys fans may not have previously owned on any album since it was only released on some Veggie Tales cds. The 15 previously released songs found on Greatest Hits come from 8 different newsboys albums which shows the great variety found here. My favorite part of greatest hits albums is they make great road trip material when you might be unable to fit a bunch of cds in your suitcase or even all your albums on your ipod. Greatest Hits offers a good taste of newsboys music for old and new fans alike from worship favorites like "It is You" and "He Reigns" to all time concert favorites like "Entertaining Angels" and "Shine" to those quirky fun songs that only the newsboys are known for like "Breakfast" and "Wherever We Go" all around this is a great collection for new and old fans alike that can't be missed by one of Christian music most loved artists.


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December 05, 2007, 07:11AM 
I agree! Great review! You said exactly what I was thinking about this album! Thanks for writing!
November 26, 2007, 21:49PM 
Great review! We'll be featuring this review in this week's email newsletter. Here's 10 bonus points for the feature. Thanks for being a part of the NRTeam. Keep those reviews coming!

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