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The Blood will never lose its power...
Posted January 07, 2008
By newsgirl4life,

Most of the time when artists put out an album that is meant for another decade it ends up sounding very poorly timed and cheap to say the least especially when the album is almost entirely covers. Kevin Max 1/3 of the world famous trio dc talk's last offering the Blood is by far an exception to that rule. Its feels like a powerful 70's very original Gospel Johnny Cash record with a touch of Bono. First of all, the theme the blood (of Christ) runs very powerfully through every song which hammers home the message and makes you really think about what Christ's blood did for us. Musically, the Blood is a great mix of classic rock and roll and gospel. It makes you really feel that Kevin and Johnny Cash were close friends though the only real Cash touch is vocals from Johnny's sister Joanne on the closing song One Way, One Blood. This album features an all-star line up for guests including the first dc talk reunion song in 10+ years, a cover of Prince's The Cross letting listeners know that a dc talk reunion would definitely be as good or better than we can imagine it would or will be. Other guests including Chris Sligh of American Idol fame, Vince Gill and Amy Grant, Ashley Cleveland, and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary. All that guests fit very well on each of their respective songs making you want more of The Blood. One of my favorite tracks on the album is a cover of Andre Crouch's The Blood Will Never Loose Its Power, its powerful and haunting. This album brings out Kevin Max's beautiful voice to be even more diverse than any of his previous projects all the while making Kevin Max sound very at home in the mix of rock and roll, gospel, southern flavored, featured on the Blood. If you are looking for something original but classic, gospel but rock and roll, dare I say secular but very sacred The Blood is the album for you. To me the album The Blood is a great reminder that "The blood that gives me strength form day to day, it will never lose its power." A message as old as time but still very fresh.


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January 07, 2008, 22:20PM 
Another great review. Here's 10 points for the feature in this week's newsletter. Thanks!

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