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"Never Going Back To OK"  by The Afters

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Who says sophomores suck?
Posted September 16, 2008
By BouncinDave,

I loved the first afters album, and as soon as I heard "Never going back to OK" on the radio I knew this new album would rock!

So, being the avid newreleasetuesday reader I am I went onto familychristian and bought it. $5 and prerelease access!!

The album is brilliant, special mentions go to the songs Never Going Back to OK, Myspace Girl and We are the Sound.

Never Going Back to OK, being the title track means loads of work was done on it, and it shows. The song is one of the few that sticks in your head after the first listen. It talks about how we must not go back to the old 'OK' ways of living, but strive to go for the better life. A good moral story if there ever was one.

Myspace Girl is a true story, put to music, and was featured on myspace for a while. It is absolutely a catchy song (I found myself singing it in lectures at university), and everyone I know who has heard it has said it is a highlight. The song itself is low on any message, but the musical talent the Afters have shines through this song.

My last 'stand out song' is We are the Sound, and what a sound it has! I can see this song being a single from the album, and doing great.

Well what more do you need, go out and buy this album!


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