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"Time Is Fiction"  by Edison Glass

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Super Tuesday!
Posted February 05, 2008
By Nicholi,

Favorite Track Musically:
Without A Sound

Favorite Track Lyrically:
See Me Through

Favorite Track Technically:
Jean Val Jean

Things that stood out to me compared to A Burn or a Shiver:
This is definitely a more mature album. It has a lot more happening with it musically than A Burn or a Shiver. The guys really stepped it up and brought in some different influences in this record.
People brought into Edison Glass by the radio hits Forever and When All We Have Is Taken/Comfort may not find the poppy radio hits in this album like the last. Though the first track of the album 'Let Go' does offer just over two minutes of transition from the radio to the horns, strings, and mallet percussion that follows.
Like I said, there are plenty of new instruments incorporated through out Time Is Fiction. If you can get a copy of the performance the guys did on the Relevant podcast you get a great taste of vibraphone in See Me Through that is masked a bit more in the cut that made it into press. Chances gives a great jazz feel in it as well.
Time Is Fiction does not offer an anthem as great as When All We Have Is Taken. That does not mean that it does not offer other great songs of worship. Every song on the album carries a message and I encourage you to get out the linear notes while listening and get lost in the lines.
His voice has always be good, but he has really increased his range with the sophomore effort. It seems he is really comfortable with his voice now and just falls into the melodies.
Boy turned the bass up for this one. He really makes his presence felt other than his voice with a lot more bass than we got in A Burn or a Shiver.
There are not as many complementary lead guitar riffs between James and Josh, but they certainly have put a lot more rhythm into their playing and once again complement each other very well.
Not as much wailing in this one by him either, which I look forward to seeing these songs live how they progress and what he does with them. I don't think he can not not wail every chance he gets.
He has been such a crucial piece to the Edison Glass makeup that it makes me scared to see him go. I honestly cannot picture anyone back there but Joe. His motions are just so fluid; I don't even think he listens to the songs, it's like he is just jamming and the muscle memory for the songs takes over. His technique is once again awe inspiring as he adds a lot more lows with his tom and bass work, and continues to use the cymbals more for musical accent than for dramatic effect.

This is a great sophomore effort by Edison Glass, but I can see how it will not be for everybody. I don't think it will have the popular radio releases like A Burn or a Shiver did, but for those who can appreciate the picture they painted, the story they tell, and the beautiful art they make will truly enjoy Time Is Fiction.

Interesting things regarding the lyrics:
Einstein On The Beach is a piece by Philip Glass and Jean Val Jean centers around the main character from Les Misérables. Talk about culture.


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