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we NEED Sanctus Real....
Posted February 11, 2008
By newsgirl4life,

Its always sad to see your favorite bands quit. Audio Adrenaline quitting last year left a huge void in pop/rock bands that are not ashamed to be bold and evangelical while still rocking the masses. We Need Each Other takes Sanctus Real to the next level and is one of the best pop/rock albums to hit the Christian music scene in recent years. The opening track "Turn On The Lights" is an upbeat rocking track that really gets you pumped and begins to fill the huge void left by Audio A..."We're sending out a message to the future that words could not communicate..." reminding us of the importance of Christian music's light to the world. The second song and title track is a radio hit already and serves up a message on how the body of Christ needs each other. We Need Each Other is a very upbeat, catchy, song that gets stuck in your head very quickly. Black Coal is a very unique song about restoration. Whatever You Are Doing is a great song about healing. Sing is an upbeat worship song. Leap of Faith is an awesome song musically catching is powerful lyrics "So what are you waiting for? 'Cause there is a Savior waiting to save you What are you drowning for?" Lay Down My Guns is another powerful song encouraging people to be at peace with themselves and each other and put their trust in God. A great message for these troubling times. Eternal is a great song reflecting on how our true treasure is found in our salvation and relationship with God, a great message for all believers and not harshly spoken to turn away seekers. Half Our Lives reminds us not to waste our life. Legacy is a great song closing out the album about leaving a legacy for Christ for the world to see.
Musically the album is smoothy and catchy, slow in the right places and really rockin' at times. This is a great record for the church. Anyway who loves catchy pop rock (and seriously who doesn't?) should be sure to add this album to their collection you won't be disappointed. This album speaks the name of Jesus loud and clear while being gentle and fun enough that even an unbeliever could enjoy it. Reminding me very strongly of a band Audio Adrenaline...but don't get me wrong Sanctus Real holds their own and this is no copy cat album. Sanctus Real we need you.


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