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"Myself When I Am Real"  by Bebo Norman

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One Of The Best Of 2002
Posted June 30, 2007
By KevinMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Bebo Norman pretty much has the formula down pat. To say that he's reached perfection might be too bold, but nothing seems to be going wrong on his third album, Myself When I Am Real. The worse thing that might ever happen to Bebo is for him to find the love he's been writing about for three years now. The absent relationships have been inspiration for the majority of his songwriting and this time out is no exception. Songs like "Beautiful You" and "Falling Down" are built around this theme, but Bebo says it best in "So Afraid." "I am so afraid that I'll find myself alone / Looking for a savior, looking for a home." But what Bebo does so beautifully is fill the empty void of love with the promises of God. Bebo also presents his career song with "Great Light of the World," a song that dynamically builds into a beautiful ballad that inspires chills on the spine. "I'm half a man here / So come make me whole / Oh great light of the world / Come to impart / The light of your grace to fill up my heart." Bebo Norman is wonderful at taking angst and directing it towards the heavens, where we are supposed to be bringing our burdens. He presents honesty and an openness with both his faith and his world around him that is simply unmatched in today's music. It's easy to pass on Bebo's music as boring and uninspired, but there are so many layers to both his music and his storytelling that to say that would simply be acknowledging that no time has been spent with the record.


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